Balloon Pilots - Prosser Balloon Rally

The Hot air balloon pilots and crew who return to Prosser Washington each year have become extended family to the folks involved with The Great Prosser Balloon Rally. Prosser welcomes them with open arms each and every year.

The 2022 Great Prosser Balloon Rally Pilots and their balloons

  • Carmen Blakely....  Tierra Madre
  • Tim Gale.... Checkmate
  • Cheryl Isaacs.... La Brisa
  • Mandy Johnson.... Lindy
  • Vic Johnson.... Ohana Maka
  • Greg Miller.... 4.0
  • Scott McClinton.... US Bank
  • Dawne Rushkarski.... Fired-Up
  • McKenna Secrist.... Life is Bitchin'
  • Jessica Gieb    ...  Sunny Rainbow
  • Dave Wise    ... Fruit Flies
  • Canna Walter  .... Happyanunoit 
  • Scott Shields .... Gloriously Risen 
  • Devin White .... Spectra
  • Sherry White  ....  Take It Easy!
  • Tim Breeden ... Kaliope
  • Chris O'Flynn .... Lucy

    Balloonist's Prayer
    May the wind welcome you with softness.
    May the sun bless you with his warm hands.
    May you fly so high and so well,
    God joins you in your laughter.
    And may he set you gently back again,
    Into the loving arms of Mother Earth.